Asahi/America”s Frank Series regulators for the Purad PVDF piping system include pressure regulators, backpressure regulators, pressure-relief valves and manual flowmeters. Regulators are available in PVDF, PP and PVC up to four-inch size, depending on model. Frank Series regulating products are engineered to meet the toughest demands. Mechanical parts are isolated from the system media by a diaphragm or piston and o-ring design. Regulators are adjustable under working conditions and provide accurate and stable control over pressure, regardless of fluctuations or change in system demand. All manual flowmeters are available with a translucent PVDF tube, PVDF float (magnetic internal available), and PVDF IR end connections. Flow ranges from 0.03 GPM to 0.35 GPM to 13 GPM – 130 GPM available with dual units or percent flow indicators. Custom flow ranges are available.