NewAge Industries”PTFE, FEP, and PFA tubing is available in a choice of styles —straight, thin-wall, coiled, corrugated, convoluted, or overbraided —to address various demands. The company has a large inventory of allsix types. Often referred to as Teflon tubing, PTFE, FEP, and PFAfluoropolymer tubing is best known for its heat and chemical resistanceand for its nonstick properties. Applications include laboratory andmedical use, automotive, chemical and petrochemical transfer, adhesivedelivery, corrosives, pure/deionized water systems, pharmaceuticalprocessing, flame retardant covering, food and beverage lines,cryogenics, environmental sampling, and others. The diversity of stylesfocuses on different application challenges. PTFE, FEP, and PFA tubingin straight lengths, which is typically a fairly rigid product, workswell in applications such as fluid transfer and sampling. Thin wallPTFE tubing, offered in AWG (American Wire Gauge) and inch sizes, meetswire insulation and protective covering needs. For applications likerobotics, paint spray, and dispensing systems, coiled FEP tubing,called Coiltef, is frequently used. Coiltef may be expanded andretracted repeatedly without adverse effect to the heat-set coil.Corrtef corrugated FEP tubing allows a nearly zero bend radius. It maybe extended or compressed without impacting the tubing’s innerdimensions. For flexibility and easy flush cleaning, Contef convolutedPTFE tubing is available. Contef is offered with or without an exteriorwire for increased pressure capabilities and to aid in electricalgrounding. Lastly, stainless steel overbraiding for PTFE tubingprotects the core, reduces kinking, and provides working pressures ashigh as 3,000 PSI.