Orival”sOR Seriesself-cleaning water filters can handle many industrial applications,protecting process equipment or outfall from damage or inefficienciesdue to suspended solids. The water treatment system includes automaticself-cleaning screen filters with stainless steel weave-wire screenelements that provide filtration degrees down to 10 microns and singleunits built to handle flowrates up to 12,000 GPM. However, inplace of one jumbo filter, it is often prudent to look at multiplesmaller units and even staged filtration with coarse screen filtersfollowed by finer filters. In such a scenario, ORIVAL can supplycomplete manifolded systems with automatic coarse filters followed bymultiple automatic fine-screen filters, including all necessary valves,piping, and fittings. All ORIVAL manifolds are coated inside and outwith the same polyester/epoxy oven-cured coating to protect filterbodies.