Electro-Chemical Devices’ (ECD) Model 61 Boiler Blowdown Control System provides continuous control of the surface blowdown rate for commercial and industrial boilers, optimizing blowdown cycles and reducing scaling and corrosion. The automated system reduces boiler maintenance make-up water consumption and the energy needed to heat it. In comparison to performing blowdown cycles manually, the system continuously adjusts the blowdown rate to optimize the boiler water’s electrolytic conductivity. The system calculates total dissolved solids (TDS) levels by measuring conductivity in the boiler water using ECD’s CS10 Conductivity Sensor with a standard range of 0-10,000 µS or optional ranges of 0-1000 µS or 0-100 µS. The complete Model 61 System includes ECD’s CS10 Conductivity Sensor in a rack-mounted panel with a modular design for easy installation. It includes a sediment trap for removal of sludge buildup, sample cooler, temperature gauge, sample control valve, and safety relief valve. All wetted materials are constructed of 316-stainless steel. The process connection features a compression fitting of 0.75-inch NPT to accommodate the CS10 Sensor. The system is designed to operate from temperatures of 0 to 100 C and at a pressure range of 0 to 75 PSIG. The system comes standard with a NEMA 4X-rated T23 transmitter. This system is a good fit for industrial and commercial boilers in chemical processing, food/beverage, HVAC systems, pharmaceuticals, oil/gas refining, and pulp/paper.