IDEX Health &Science”s MX Series II multi-position valves support automatedfluid switching and sample injection in the laboratory. In response tolaboratory-user feedback, the MX Series II valves offer newmulti-position, liquid-end options with a wider range of pressureoptions and simpler PC connectivity for general laboratory, HPLC, andfast chromatography applications. Designated MXX (up to 125 PSI), MXP(up to 6,000 PSI), and MXT (up to 15,000 PSI), the valves are designed reduce downtime inthe lab or analytical process, both the MXP and MXT valves feature theRapid Replacement Pod liquid-end design for easy maintenance.The low-pressure MXX valve enablesquick connection changes with a patented fitting-less tubingconnection system. The MX Valves can be used instand-alone configurations by individual users or in combination withanalytical instrument systems. The valve design incorporates Universal Serial Bus(USB), contact closure, serial, and Binary Code Decimal (BCD) connectionoptions. The valves come with IDEX Health & Science”s TitanMX software and are compatible with standardchromatography software to enable PC command and control capability.