Dwyer Instruments” Proximity Division isoffering a new capacitive level switch, the CLS2, which uses impulse RFadmittance measurement combined with an active guard to provideexcellent level measurement and stability while being insensitive tomaterial buildup. This capacitive technology has no moving parts and isdesigned to auto-calibrate in your application. No need to turn pots,just push the internal calibration button or use the external magnetwithout even having to open the enclosure. Features of the CLS2include: universal power supply that works from 12 to 240 VAC/DCwithout any jumpers or settings; failsafe setting for loss of power;status indication lights of power, sensor, and output; programmableoutput time delay; and easily removable wiring terminal for wiring ofcontrol outside of the enclosure. The switch is a good fit for levelindication in silos, receivers, and transporters in pneumatic conveyingsystems. It is also a good fit for difficult applications, includingsludge, slurry, liquids with suspended solids, coating products, anddetecting liquid interfaces.