Winters Instruments is offering a Gauge Audit Program to help end-users identify malfunctioning or misapplied gauges in plants so that corrective measures may be taken to reduce service interruptions and improve safety conditions. The Winters G.A.P. is also designed to increase gauge monitoring performance, help the customer save on repairs and replacements costs, and consolidate gauge inventory.

The gauge audit is performed by a qualified distributor personnel or together with a Winters Regional Manager at the plant site. The audit includes three stages. The first stage of the G.A.P. is setting the project scope by making a list of known or suspected installation issues, while noting the requirements of the plant, such as normal operating pressures and temperatures. The next stage is the audit, where a walk-through of the plant or facility will allow recording of gauge types, tags, readings and failed inventory. During this stage, a review of gauge installations may be performed on-site with plant personnel. The final stage of the audit is the report, where the distributor or Winters manager provides an evaluation of installed instrumentation, flag issues that require immediate attention, a demonstration on proper use and maintenance of instrumentation and recommend replacement parts.

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