Baumer”s ATEX-certified Barflex 4Y pressure gauge with integrated data memory can measure the gauge and absolute pressure of almost all liquid and gaseous media in a range from 500 mbar to up to 1000 bar and with an accuracy of up to 0.1 percent of full scale. Used as a barometer, the Barflex displays the atmospheric pressure from 200 to 1150 hPa with an accuracy of 1 hPa. The digital pressure gauge is housed in a splash water-proof Epoxy-coated aluminium case and corresponds to the protection class IP65. It is available in a stationary and portable version and is most suitable for measurements on site. Via a standardized infrared interface, the collected data can be transferred directly to a PC. The device automatically memorizes minimum and maximum pressures, and the measurements are recallable at the display. The measurement of pressure deviations in a given time interval enables leak tests. In addition, the Barflex allows the calibration and verification of the correct operation of the installed devices as well as the verification of pressure switch and transmitter settings. The Barflex is suitable for applications in pneumatic, hydraulic and thermodynamic areas as for example in gas engines, laboratories or maintenance. In its ATEX version, the Barflex can also be used for the petrochemical and gas industry, for applications such as gas underground stores, gas delivery installations or gas expansion systems.