McIlvaine Company segments liquid flow and treatment into eight categories, which, in aggregate, the company predicts will reach $144 billion in 2011, with 40 percent of the market in Asia.

Cartridge filter applications, which are widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, are distributed more uniformly throughout the world compared to products in other categories. Ultrapure water systems, which are used in power plants and semiconductor facilities, are, on the other hand, projected to be primarily (65 percent) based in Asia.

Liquid macrofiltration, which is linked to mining, chemicals and large industrial processes, is also expected to be strong in Asia. The same is true for sedimentation and centrifugation. The slightly lower percentage (see table) is a result of the disc centrifuge usage in food and drink processing including dairies. These investments will be equally distributed in the major regions.

Pumps and valves are used in a number of different industries and are not so dependent on heavy industry. Nevertheless 38 percent of the valves and 40 percent of the pumps will be purchased in Asia. The revenues in water and wastewater treatment chemicals will be distributed similarly to those for pumps and valves. Thirty-nine percent of the five billion dollar 2011 sales of corrosion inhibitors will be in Asia, and 37 percent of the organic flocculant market will also be in Asia. Similarly, McIlvaine predicts 38 percent of the $3.1 billion revenues for scale inhibitors will be generated in Asia in 2011.