ARC Advisory Group is offering an online Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software Supplier Selection Guide with attributes tailored for industrial organizations designed to allow them to make improved decisions more quickly. The guide includes both selection criteria and guided workflow steps for choosing the correct EAM system and supplier. The scope of the criteria covers key aspects of EAM systems, including asset information management, work order management, materials management, labor management, service contract management, financial management, reporting, and technology architecture. 

“The key metrics for maintenance managers involve uptime, asset longevity, cost control, and safety across a diverse set of assets and technologies," said Ralph Rio, ARC research director, in a prepared statement. "To meet these critical objectives, executive management recognizes the requirement for a modern and reliable EAM system."

The ARC STAR Supplier Evaluation and Selection Service guides users through a step-by-step process of selecting and evaluating suppliers against specific technology, application, and industry requirements.  The process guides the user through the project and team definition, reviewing and editing ARC-provided selection criteria and supplier questions, weighing selection criteria, developing a supplier Request for Information (RFI) list, evaluating supplier responses, and developing a final ranking of RFI results.  ARC STAR then fully documents the process and results for management review and approval.  ARC STAR helps ensure inclusive, fact-based, impartial supplier evaluations and selections, free of the user bias issues that typically hamper these activities.  In addition, ARC estimates that ARC STAR can reduce the cost, effort, and timespan for a supplier selection process by well over 50 percent – providing faster time to benefit.

For more information on the EAM Supplier Selection guide, visit ARC's Supplier Evaluation and Selection Service section.​