AOT has been independently verified and tested by numerous third party entities, such as the United States Department of Energy, for the efficacy of AOT for the oil pipeline viscosity efficiency.

Photo Courtesy of STWA.

STWA, Inc. a California-based developer of technology solutions for oil and fuel delivery systems, is readying its AOT 2.0 “AOT Midstream” crude oil pipeline viscosity efficiency product for North American installations.

STWA Applied Oil Technology (AOT™)  is designed to allow pipeline operators to temporarily reduce the viscosity of the crude oil within their pipeline(s) to reduce the fluid-drag (also known as friction-loss) between the fluid and the pipeline. By reducing the friction loss, pipeline operators’ pump systems require less energy to maintain a constant flow rate, thereby directly reducing daily operation costs.

The AOT Midstream product is a commercial-grade, on-demand viscosity-reduction device for crude oil pipeline viscosity applications. The product installs at crude oil pipeline pump stations to reduce the friction loss of the pipeline, providing benefits to the pipeline operator and their customers, the company says.

STWA has been in development with the product after successfully demonstrating the efficacy of the technology with a prototype series of AOT devices tested with the United States Department of Energy.

“The past year has been full of massive strides for this company,” said Cecil Bond Kyte, chairman and CEO of STWA, in an official announcement. “We have been working diligently to build ourselves into a lightweight, robust and efficient developer of commercialized products borne of innovative ideas fostered by this nation’s leading educational institutions like our intellectual property co-developer, Temple University.”

The AOT Midstream product is the natural application of Dr. (Rongjia) Tao’s original theories melded with our commercialization product development strategies and relationships. The technology is creating a buzz within the industry right now, as pipeline growth within North America is unprecedented, and the sector is desperately seeking solutions like AOT to meet the accelerating demands of the midstream infrastructure.”

The AOT Midstream enhanced oil transport system is a commercial crude oil pipeline viscosity efficiency product designed to be installed at pipeline pump stations in the upstream, gathering and midstream sectors.

AOT is a turn-key product that uses an ultra-low amperage electric bath to encourage particulate matter aggregation of the paraffin and/or asphalt content of the crude oil being transported to reduce the viscosity of the crude oil quickly and easily. The reduction of oil pipeline viscosity holds key benefits to the energy production and transportation industry.

For more information, download the STWA Fact Sheet.

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