ITT Goulds”s Model NM 3196 is an ANSI chemical process pump designed as an alternative to expensive metal-alloy pumps for processes involving highly corrosive fluids. The pump is constructed of fiberglass-reinforced plastic and now features i-FRAME power ends with i-ALERT on-board condition monitoring technology. i-ALERT automatically monitors temperature and vibration, warning users with a flashing LED display if either are exceeding normal parameters. The visual alert makes it easy to spot potential trouble before it occurs so that operators can react to avoid possible catastrophic failure and resulting loss of production and downtime.

The pump can operate at up to 195 F and withstand vibrations up to 100 percent over the baseline level. The pump is available now in 13 hydraulic sizes, with capacities to 1400 GPM (318 m3/h) and heads to 500 feet (152 m).