Electro-Chemical Devices” (ECD) Triton TR8 Analyzer is designed for accurate measurement of suspended solids. The analyzer is available with immersion fittings for service in the aeration basin or insertion fittings for the return- and waste-activated sludge lines. The high-range analyzer is used to measures suspended solids or turbidity at levels greater than 500 NTU, with output available in multiple units: 0.00-9999 FNU, 0.00-9999 PPM, 0-300g/l and 0-200 percent. The sensor features an error rate of less than 5 percent of reading with repeatability greater than 1 percent of reading. The sensor features a unique multi-beam optical assembly. The first light beam is a reference detector that compensates for changes in the LED light source caused by aging or other variables. The second light beam detects the short path length, which is best for high concentration measurement. The third light beam measures the longer path length, which is best for lower concentrations. The sensor was developed for rugged water treatment environments, designed to operate at ambient temperatures from -5 C to 50 C (20 F to 120 F). It withstands pressures up to a maximum of 6 bar at 25 C and 1 bar at 50 C.??