A report by Gallup (www.gallup.com) published this week shows more Americans are in favor of increasing both alternative and traditional energy sources than those that wish to increase, decrease, or hold steady either alternative or traditional energy sources. And while the poll showed the number of Americans that seek to increase alternative energy (77%) far exceeds those that wish to increase traditional energy (39%), the number seeking to increase traditional energy exceeds those that wish to or hold it steady (29%) or reduce (30%).

These findings are paret of Gallup’s annual “Environment Survey,” which was conducted March 5-8.

Other key study findings include:
• In general, the poll shows that Americans are concerned about the energy situation — 42 percent describe it as “very serious,” which is down slightly from last year”s 46 percent, but at the higher end of what Gallup has measured in the last decade.
• Also, the poll shows Americans are somewhat more willing to live with environmental degradation in the pursuit of energy sources than they have been in the past — 47 percent say the government should put a greater emphasis on environmental protection over energy exploration versus 46 percent who say the development of energy supplies should be the greater priority. This parity is a departure from the past, as Americans have typically come down on the side of environmental protection by a significant margin in prior Gallup Polls.

To ready the full report on the Gallup”s 2009 Environment Survey, click here.