25 June 2013 Danfoss’ compact temperature sensor, MBT 3270 is often called on to perform big jobs in the mobile hydraulic industry and in exhaust gas return systems for large construction vehicles, but few would think of it being used in the race car industry. The MBT 3270 has been called on for its RTD sensing element to perform qualifying checks to help win races that the whole world is watching. The world is watching Would you have ever thought of Danfoss temperature sensors when you were watching the Daytona 500? NASCAR fans around the world tune in to watch these epic races, but few think about the small controls inside those infamous cars that contribute to winning a race. When a leading race car engineering facility was looking to replace thermocouple sensors and find something with better stability and higher accuracy for its engine control units, the Danfoss MBT 3270 RTD temperature sensor, with its compact design, was just the solution to keeping the cars on the racetrack. The MBT 3270 is being used in the reserve oil reservoir which is housed behind the driver seat and is fitted with a heat rap which heats the oil. The sensor relays the oil temperature back to a control box which is located on a cart along with a generator that is wheeled out to the cars while sitting on pit road. Prior to a race or to qualifying, all engine fluids must be brought to operating temps before starting the motor. The MBT 3270 compact temperature sensor is highlighted by: • Robust, high protection against moisture • Fixed measuring insert • Brass or stainless steel • Very fast response times • Temperature range up to 300°C Temperature as well as pressure sensors in this industry can also be found on the engine and transmission, monitoring and controlling fluids and pressures that keep the race cars in working order. For more information on the MBT 3270 temperature sensor, visit the online catalog. # # # Please Direct Reader Inquiries to: Angela Peconi, Marketing & Sales Support Manager Danfoss LLC Industrial Automation