Fluid ComponentsInternational”s FlexSwitch FLT pump-protection flow switch is designedto improve process control by adding an extra margin of safety, keepingpumps running longer and more reliably with less frequent maintenanceover an expanded lifetime to reduce total operational costs. TheFlow/Level/Temperature (FLT) switch monitors the flow and temperatureof liquids, gases, slurries, syrups, lubricants, coolants, etc. It isideal for wet/dry detection in protecting pumps, where sudden,unexpected reductions in media flowrates may leave pumps vulnerable toover-heating conditions that can result in bearing or seal damage thatrequire major repairs or shorten their useful life. With Alarm 1, theswitch will detect a low-flow situation anywhere between 0.01 and threefeet per second (FPS, .003 to.9 meters per second MPS). This low-flowalarm can be regarded as a pre-warning signal for the control system oroperator. The system or operator can then decide to keep the pumprunning or to shut it down. If an Alarm 2 occurs because the feed lineto the pump is running dry, this condition would be an emergency signalto shut down the pump immediately because the bearings now see gasinstead of a liquid as a heat transfer media. The FLT features a wideset-point range, which varies according to service media (liquid, gasor foam), beginning from 0.01 to 3 SFPS (0.003 to 0.9 SMPS) inwater-based liquids.  It is hydrostatically proof pressure testedto 3500 PSIG [240 bar (g)] at 70 F (21 C). Derated with temperature,the maximum operation service recommended is 2350 PSIG [162 bar (g)] at500 F (260 C). Higher ratings are available with special constructionand test certification. Agency approvals include: FM, ATEX, CSA, CRNand CE.