Marsh Bellofram”s Type 10 Series of high-precision air pressure regulators offer 0.1 percent output accuracy with very low sensitivity to supply pressure, ambient temperature changes and flow changes, making them a good fit for use in pipe and vessel air pressure monitoring, industrial processes, inspection procedures, and control and analysis instrumentation applications. The regulators feature a rugged design and high start-up stability, eliminating the need for regulated start pressure readjustment after long downtimes, with automatic return to output setting at start-up; incorporation of a high-gain pneumatic servo amplifier for regulated pressure, ranging from dead end to 20 cubic meters per hour (12 SCFM), held constant over substantial flow changes; incorporation of an extra-large capacity integral relief valve, for exhaust flow when regulated pressure is reset to a lower value, with automatic high downstream relief under dead end conditions; and incorporation of a high-performance servo-operated control mechanism in the regulator for added pressure stability. Units may be installed in any position and either panel mounted or supported by in-line plumbing. Where low power requirements may be of concern, the regulator is also offered in a motorized configuration of 2 rpm/4 watts; 6 rpm/6 watts with extremely high accuracy, allowing it to be used in HVAC systems, remote pressure control ventilation systems or other electro-pneumatic system control applications.