Wilden”s Original Series metal air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps are designed to support the transfer of paint during the paint manufacturing, storage and packaging process. The pumps feature a clamped, wetted-path design that eliminates leaks and product loss, resulting in consistent performance, lower operational costs, longer mean time between failures and less downtime. The pumps also feature Wilden’s Pro-Flo X air-distribution system (ADS), which optimizes the actual operation parameters regardless of the application demands or pump size. The result is higher performance, lower operational costs and performance flexibility that sets a new industry standard. Original Series metal pumps with the Pro-Flo X ADS are offered in five sizes from the 13 mm (1/2”) PX1 to the 102 mm (4”) PX20 models. All of these models can handle pressures up to 8.6 bar (125 PSI), while they feature flowrates ranging from the PX1’s 62.8 LPM (16.6 GPM) to the 1,211 LPM (320 GPM) for the PX20. The pumps are available with cast-iron, ductile-iron, aluminum and stainless-steel materials of construction.