Almatec”s air-operated CX diaphragm pumps are designed for low- to medium-duty applications, as well as being used as drum pumps. CX Series pumps have been designed to self-prime and are protected against dry-running. This allows them to be used to empty containers down to the last drop of liquid, making them a good fit for complete and unattended transfer of liquids from one container to another. CX pumps are available in four sizes with maximum delivery volumes of 10, 20, 50 and 100 LPM (2.5 to 34.5 GPM). The pump housings are constructed of solid PE conductive, allowing them to meet the ATEX requirements of directive 94/9/EG and to be used in explosion-protected areas. Other features of the CX Series pumps include construction with either ball or cylinder valves; composite diaphragms with integrated metal core; no diaphragm discs; variable positions for the suction and discharge ports; handle recess with drainage; and easy start-up.