Air Liquide ( handed out its 2004 Innovation Award to Acme Cryogenics ( for its efforts to develop and implement a new, improved hydrogen trailer design for the remanufacture of its fleet of hydrogen semi-trailers.

Every year, Air Liquide takes a day to celebrate the principles of innovation the company professes as part of its founding doctrine. It organizes events for manufacturers that create new and improved techniques and systems. Out of the 300 worldwide submissions this year, Acme Cryogenics was selected for its design and remanufacture process.

Acme”s team provided Air Liquide with three redesigned and refitted hydrogen trailers. The trailers are in compliance with NFPA standards and feature a new pipe layout, which allows bellows sealed valves and other controls to be positioned in the front of the cabinet for easy access. The Acme team also upgraded and replaced the trailers” suspension, brakes, safety features, electrical systems, and paint. The new look, according to Air Liquide, made the trailers easier to use and maintain.

“We are very proud of this award and are extremely honored to have it presented to our Acme Trailer Team. Our goal is to give our customers the very best design and product we possibly can,” said Jim Payne, operations manager for Acme, in a prepared statement.

— Flow Control Staff