Spraying Systems Co.’s WindJet Air Knives are powered by energy-efficient regenerative blowers to provide high-performance drying and blow-off operations without the need for compressed air. According to Spraying Systems, operating costs can be reduced by as much as 95 percent when the packages are used in operations including debris and dust blow-off, removal of excess water, and moving products. WindJet Air Knives feature a 1/8-inch leading edge along the length of the knife to direct a consistent and controlled air stream that retains its integrity further downstream and eliminates spotting and blotching. The air stream produced by the knives entrains ambient air to increase the total volume of air and maximize drying and blow-off efficiency. Unlike other blower types, the regenerative blowers included with the packages are rugged, reliable and require infrequent, minimal maintenance. Each air knife package is customized for the application. Air knives are available in lengths from six inches to 36 inches and two air slot sizes, .040” and .060”. Regenerative blower assemblies are available from 5.5 to 30 HP. Packages include pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, air inlet filter, filter monitoring gauge, vibration dampener, fittings, and a mounting adapter. ?