A-T Controls” TRIACSeries LB ball valves are designed for advanced anti-corrosion chemicalprocessing. The valves feature a full PFA lining and electropolished304 stainless steel or epoxy-coated WCB carbon steel bodies. High-purity PFA lines the body and seamless ball at three millimetersand greater thickness. The liner is secured into the valve body withthe “KPF” interlock system tested at 20,000 VDC and vacuum-rated at oneMBAR.  More durable than PTFE, the PFA provides extremely low gaspermeability and delivers high performance in critical service.Available in 1/2″ to four-inch sizes, the 150-pound flanged split-bodyvalves feature a self-adjusting “V” ring packaging. Full-port valvedesign minimizes operating torque, while two-piece ball-and-stem designreduces side loading and extends stem and packing life.  Thevalue-engineered designs feature standard electropolishing on stainlessbody valves and offer economical pre-assembly with actuator.  Acomplete range of pneumatic double-acting, pneumatic spring-return, orelectric actuators covers the spectrum of automation needs.