Sierra Instrumentsupgraded its Innova-Sonic ultrasonic flowmeters with added digitalsignal processing features, including a Bluetooth wireless PDA. Theflowmeters are also available with fixed display readout in eitherclamp-on or insertion transducers. The meters offer low powerconsumption and easy-to-read display and menu selections. Theinstrument can be configured via keypadwithout any additional programming devices and is packaged in a diecastNEMA 4X (IP65) housing. A self-contained 4-20 mA current loopsignal output provides instantaneous flow, as well as two independenttemperature inputs for thermal energy monitoring. The instrument alsofeatures a seven-digit alpha-numeric display, parallel operation ofpositive, negative and net flow totalizers (with user-selectable scalefactors), and configurable pulse and frequency outputs (transmitted viarelay and open collector) for totalized flow. Other features includeaccuracy of +/-0.5 percent; operating temperature range of -40 F to 212F (-40 C to 100 C); one meter for pipe sizes from one inch to 200inches (25mm to 5,000 mm); detection of volumetric flowrate of most liquids;daily, monthly, and yearly totalized flow. Data logging capability viaa removable SD card and a new userinterface for energy monitoring applications are also available.