Neptune ChemicalPump’s PZiG Series electronic diaphragm pumpsextend the capacity of the PZ Series of smart pumps. PZ Series pumps aredesigned for accurate, reliable injection of a wide variety of liquids,including moderate-viscosity and highly corrosive substances.ThePZiG pump is available in four sizes from five GPH at 145 PSI to 20 GPHat 30 PSI. The units are available with PVC and Kynar liquid ends tohandleviscosities to 50 CPS; an optional PVC liquid end can handle upto 1,000 CPS.  The pumps feature a control panel withlarge buttons and a two-stage display LCD screen. Multiple inputs supports either pulse proportional control withmultiplication and division function or four to 20 mA DC input forproportional control that will operate directly from pH, residualchlorine, or flowmeters without a separate PID controller.  Pumpoutputs include batch signal and pulse.