McCrometer”sMarshMulti-Mag flowmeter is an advanced measurement solution thatprovides accuracy in difficult flowconditions, including low flows, wide flow ranges, flows containing sand and grit,vertical pipes, and locations near bends and elbows. Theflowmeter measures liquid volumetric flowrates inpipes sized from four to 120 inches with a streamlinedmulti-point technology that creates only negligible pressureloss.  It is also available for one-, two-, and three-inch taps.Based on an insertable electromagnetic averaging design, the flowmetermeasures volumetric flow with accuracy up to +/- 1 percent of reading(from zero to 20 feet/second and zero stability) and repeatability at0.20 percent ofthe flow range. Theflowmeterfeatures a four to 20 mA analog output that is galvanically isolatedandfully programmable for zero and full scale. Dual alarms (twoseparate outputs) are provided and fully programmable for high/lowflowrates, percent of range, empty pipe, forward/reverse, polarity(normally opened/closed), and more.