Meggitt Sensing Systems” Endevco Model 2271A Series is an accelerometer family designed for high-reliability vibration and acceleration measurements in cryogenic and other extreme environments. Available with either 10-32 side connector (model 2271A) or 10-32 top connector (model 2271AM20), the sensor is designed to reliably operate over an operating temperature range of -269 C to 260 C (-452 F to 500 F) with flat temperature response. Units exhibit output sensitivity and stability over time, with shock survivability to 10,000 g pk. The piezoelectric sensing elements of the model 2271A series are housed in a corrosion-resistant stainless steel case, which is hermetically sealed for use in demanding environments. Signal ground is isolated from the sensor’s outer case. A three-meter (10-foot) low-noise coaxial cable is supplied. As a self-generating device, the accelerometer requires no external power source for operation. In addition, select models are eligible for purchase under the Endevco -R replacement sensor program.