Omega Engineering”sFMG 1000 Series flanged magmeters come in four, six, eight, or 10-inchsizes, making them a good fit for municipal or industrialwater/wastewater applications where propeller meters have typicallybeen used. With no moving parts and electrodes that are designed todiscourage fouling, maintenance is minimal, especially in applicationswhere debris or sand are prevalent, such as slurries or wastewater. Themeters are also a good fit for stormwater applications and chemicalprocessing needs. And with minimal straight-pipe requirements, themeters are good for use in small spaces. The meters also have low powerrequirements that make them a good fit for solar and comparable powersources. The meters are CE compliant and come complete with a one-yearwarranty and owners manual. Optional solar kit and data logger are alsoavailable.