Entegris”s NT 8800 conductivity sensor enables accurate measurement of chemical blends at a competitive price. The sensor introduces a new multi-toroid, patent-pending measurement approach to electrodeless conductivity for use in manufacturing semiconductors, electronics, LCD assemblies, specialty chemicals, and more. The all-PFA Teflon sensor provides a compact, high-accuracy solution for applications requiring low liquid volume and high purity. The sensor is a noninvasive and cost effective design package for demanding applications, including measurement of ultrapure and/or aggressive chemical concentrations. The 8800 sensor handles liquids including hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, nitric, and sulfuric acids, as well as TMAH and ammonium hydroxide. The sensor is made of virgin PFA Teflon®-wetted material and allows a choice of Teflon tube sizes in 1⁄2″, 3⁄4″, and 1.0″. Leak-free weld connections with no internal threads and no O-ring or gasket seals. Users can select a variety of connections, including Flaretek, Nippon Super, Pillar 300, or undressed (bare tube).