Mid-West Instrument”s Model140-142 transmitters provide a simple, low-cost, loop-powered 8-28 Vdctwo wire4-20 mA solution for a variety of applications. The transmitter and itsterminal strip is housed in an aluminum housing with 1/2″ NPT wireaccess for easy field wiring. Accuracy is +/-2 percent from 20 percentto100 percent of full scale. Indicator accuracy is also +/-2 percent fullscale and isindependent of the transmitter output. This designprovides total separation of high and low pressures by a convolutedelastomer diaphragm. The units are available with pressure-containingelements of aluminum, brass, or 316 stainless steel. Safe working pressure foraluminum and 316 stainless steel is 3,000 PSIG, and for brass it’s 1,500 PSIG. Fullover-range protection is provided to full safe working pressure.Differential-pressure ranges from 0-20 in. H20 to 0-100 PSID (0-50 mbarto 0-7 bar) Gauge fronts are of reinforced, engineered plastics toeliminate corrosion.