Dwyer Instruments” 616OT one-touch differential-pressure transmitter is designed for simplicity making it a good choice for installers and maintenance professionals. The instrument is a cost-effective, compact transmitter that reduces up-front costs, as well as expenses over the life of the product. The transmitter alleviates cumbersome turn pots typically found in most transmitters and eliminates the need to span the instrument during calibration. With a single digital pushbutton, both zero and span are calibrated properly. No additional reference pressure sources and separate calibration devices are necessary; no need to remove from service and send to the lab. Available models include ranges from 10 inches to 20 inches w.c. Units come in a compact NEMA 4X (IP65) housing. Mounting is simple with bac-mounting tabs that are inherent to the molded housing. Wiring the transmitter is quick and convenient with a removable terminal block that allows the installer to wire externally, then snap the wired block back onto the board inside the housing.