As industrial suppliers grow more Internet savvy, a range of online tools and apps are coming to market that provide convenience and real value to end-users. A quick search on most fluid handling technology terms will churn up a handful of results for everything from informative white papers and video tutorials to custom sizing and selection tools. So as I started to poke around for online solutions to support users of sealing systems, it didn’t take me long to find some compelling tools to share. The following highlights six online resources I found to assist end-users in the effective application of sealing systems.

1. Apple Rubber O-Ring Gland Calculator

O-Ring Gland Calculator

The folks at Apple Rubber Products offer several interesting online tools for users of sealing systems, such as an O-Ring Size Search, Material Selection Guide, Chemical Compatibility Guide, Seal Design Guide, and an O-Ring Gland Calculator tool. The O-Ring Gland Calculator is designed to help users determine the appropriate Percent Compression, Extrusion Gap, Percent Stretch, Squeeze, and Minimum Groove Width for their o-rings. Application input options include Bore Diameter, Piston Diameter, Groove Diameter, O-Ring ID, and O-Ring C/S.

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2. Parker O-Ring Handbook with Compatibility Table for Liquids, Gases & Solids

Parkert O-Ring Handbook

Parker Hannifin’s O-Ring Handbook not only offers details on Parker’s full line of o-ring solutions, but also an all-inclusive Compatibility Table that provides comprehensive details for most o-ring material options for liquids, gases, and solids. If you want to know what material options are suited for your process, the Parker O-Ring Handbook is worth a download. In addition, the Handbook offers a robust O-Ring Sizing Table, including Inside Diameter, Outside Diameter, Width, and Tolerance in Inches and Metric units.

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3. SKF Seal Select

SKF Seal Selector

SKF’s Seal Select is an online seal and accessory selection tool, featuring several different input parameters that enable users to easily find a suitable sealing solution for a specific application. SKF Seal Select currently offers a selection tool for: SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE, V-ring seals, and radial shaft seals. A mobile-friendly version of the tool is also available as an app for iPhone and Android devices.

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4. Victaulic Seal Selection Guide

Seal Selection Guide

Victaulic’s Seal Selection Guide is separated into four discrete sections: Gasket Seals for Couplings, Press Seals for Vic-Press, Valve Seals for Valves, and General Definition/Seal Material Selection. The guide also includes a nice visual representation of different gasket styles so users can easily identify the appropriate gasket for their applications needs.

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5. A.W. Chesterton Online Calculators for Common Sealing System Parameters

Online Seal Selection Calculators

A.W. Chesterton offers a range of calculators to assist users of sealing systems in appropriately specifying the solution that fits their application needs. Calculators cover such key application parameters as Angle Conversions, Stuffing Box Volume, Distance Conversions, Torque Calculations, Stem Friction Calculations, Pressure Conversion, Head to PSI Conversion, Velocity Conversion, Temperature Conversion, a Metalworking Fluids Cost Worksheet, and more. Chesterton also offers a range of online Product Selectors and Installation Guides.

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6. PPE's Elastomer Compatibility & Rubber Chemical Resistance Guide

Elastomer compatibility & rubber chemical resistance guide

Use PPE's Elastomer Compatability and Rubber Chemical Resistance Guide to find out which o-ring and sealing materials are most suitable for any given operating environment. The tool provides an easy four-step process to determine material compatibility for a wide range of industrial fluid handling applications.

Find out here which O-ring and sealing materials are most suitable for any given operating environment using this quick and easy Elastomer Compatibility / Rubber Chemical Resistance Guide. – See more at:

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