Precision Digital”sProVu 1/8 DIN panel meter with six-digit, dual-line LED display isavailable with up to four relays (ei relays with expansion module) and4-20 mA output. The meter provides the operator with a more precise andinformative view of the process for better overall control. The largemain display is complemented by a second line of display, which can beconfigured to read user-defined engineering units, custom legends, setpoints, maximum/minimum PV values, and more. The second display alsomakes setting up and programming of the ProVu more intuitive anduser-friendly. The input can be scaled and linearized using ProVu’shorizontal round tank or Weirs and Flumes math functions; or, by usingProVu’s 32-point linearizer (free PC based linearizer set up utility).The ProVu can be configured to acknowledge alarms, reset max/min,disable/enable output relays, hold outputs, and more via front-panelfunction keys, or remotely using ProVu’s digital I/O module. ProVu’sexternal expansion modules allow the addition of four relays, digital I/O,and RS-232 or RS-422/485 serial communications at any time. ProVu boastsa 200 mA 24 VDC transmitter power supply, which is adjustable to five and10 VDC. ProVu’s standard output relay functions include: up to eightalarms, sampling, and multi-pump alternation. The ProVu’s front panelis UV resistant and rated for NEMA 4X/IP65. The ProVu has a wideambient temperature range of -40 C to 65 C and is CULUS listed and CEmarked.