Asahi/America”sDHC-100 digital positioner for the company”s Series 92 and Series 94electric actuators provides 450 points of resolution for quarter-turnactuators ranging from two seconds to 120 seconds and rated for a 25percent duty cycle or more. The DHC-100 has many automatic advancedfeatures that will enhance Asahi’s actuators while maintaining ease ofinstallation and calibration. The positioner features self-calibrationwithout multimeter or control signal duty cycle control, selectableinput signal (Milliamp or Voltage), positions to plus/minus 0.1-degreewithin a 90-degree quadrant, operating temperature range up to 150 F,fault detection, and stall detection protection. The positioner can beinstalled in the field or by one of Asahi/America’s expert techniciansat the time of order.