Blackmer is reintroducing its Model SGLD4B 4-inch sliding-vane specialty gas pump. The pumps are designed for the liquid transfer and recirculation of refrigerants and other liquefied gases. The pumps are constructed of shock-resistant ductile iron and available with a wide variety of seal materials. The pump’s sliding vane operation provides solid priming capability and high performance over a range of temperatures and differential pressures. The vanes self-adjust as they wear, maintaining the operational efficiency of the pump. The vanes, liner and end discs are all replacable, offering the ability to bring the pump back to like-new specification. Pump heads now feature 14 bolts instead of 18 bolts, and the jackscrew hole size has been increased from 3/8” to 1/2”. The head bolts are now used to remove the head instead of the bearing cover bolts. The casing has been changed to a 14-bolt circle instead of the previous 18-bolt style, while the capscrew size remains the same. The pushrods have been changed to larger diameter non-metallic pushrods. The rotor and shaft have larger diameter pushrod holes to accommodate the larger pushrods. Blackmer has also created a Rebuild Kit that includes the new pushrods, rotor and shaft and removes the old SGLD4A parts.