July 2015 … Perspectives from the month that was in the world of Flow Control.

1. Flow Control magazine is bringing the Industrial Flow Measurement Seminar, presented by David W. Spitzer, to the Boston area, Oct. 27-29. During this three-day continuing education event, Mr. Spitzer, a regular Flow Control columnist and world-renowned expert on flow measurement and process control, will share best practices for employing flowmeter technology to improve process efficiency. For more details and a full course outline, see flwctrl.com/flowseminar.

2. Reasearchers at The Technology Partnership (TTP), a European technology and product development company, have applied the age-old principle that applying an alternating current to a coil will induce eddy currents in nearby metallic objects; exploiting the fact that the flow of eddy currents is also dependent on the material’s temperature and can be used to provide a completely new approach to non-contact temperature sensing. Read more at flwctrl.com/1KOD9Av.

3. Vote for the Innovation Awards! Voting for Flow Control’s annual Innovation Awards is in full swing. Each year, this awards program recognizes exciting new technology solutions for fluid movement, measurement and containment. We presented 27 final nominees in the June issue of Flow Control, including innovations ranging from flowmeters and transmitters to pumps and valves. Voting is open through Aug. 1, and all voters have the opportunity to enter a random drawing to win a $250 Amazon.com gift card. Place your votes now at flwctrl.com/2015innovationawards.

4. On the heals of a successful June Pump Guy Seminar in Indianapolis, Flow Control is pleased to announce the next Pump Guy Seminar will be Jan. 12-14, 2016, in Los Angeles. Presented by regular Flow Control columnist and world-renowned pump expert Larry Bachus (a.k.a. “The Pump Guy”), The Pump Guy Seminar is designed to provide technical knowledge on industrial pump design, operation, and maintenance to process plant engineers, managers, technicians, operators, and others involved with pumping systems. For more details and a full course outline, see flwctrl.com/pumpguy.

Matt Migliore is the director of content for Flow Control magazine and FlowControlNetwork.com. He has covered technology and industry for 12-plus years. Matt can be reached at 610 828-1711 or Matt@GrandViewMedia.com.