Perspectives from the month that was in the world of Flow Control.

Alumina Blocks for Ultrasonic Flowmeters1. Researchers Investigate Use of Alumina Blocks in Ultrasonic Flowmeters: Materials engineering company Morgan Advanced Materials has joined forces with UK-based Loughborough University to investigate the use of alumina blocks in new-generation ultrasonic flowmeters. The two organizations are exploring the use of reflective alumina blocks in place of the stainless steel blocks that are widely used in ultrasonic flow measurement applications. For more on this story, see


Ball Bearings2. Counterfeit Bearings: As counterfeit bearings continue to flood the marketplace, end-users and machine builders should be wary of the consequences of employing fake technology. Fortunately, solutions are emerging to help differentiate real bearings from imposters. I attended a recent press event presented by the folks at SKF, which included a presentation on counterfeit bearings. You can find my blog post with highlights from this presentation and more on the counterfeiting issue at


FCBlog-0915-CA_SAM3. 12 New Online Resources for Industrial Fluid Handling Pros: Flow Control recently launched a new blog series to highlight online resources for fluid handling professionals. As more and more organizations introduce new websites, online tools, and apps designed to make life easier for engineers and technical professionals who work with fluid handling systems, we want to keep you abreast of all the latest and greatest releases in this area. Find the latest edition in this “New Online Resources” series at


Flowmeter Piping4. Piping design plays a key role in the reliability of flow measurement systems. Different flowmeter types require different upstream and downstream piping runs to perform effectively, and end-users should be aware of these requirements when specifying flowmeter technology. In an effort to help navigate this issue, we recently launched a Premium Content campaign that offers a practical primer on flowmeter piping requirements. You can find the first free download in this series at


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