Mid-West Instrument”s Models 140-142 pressure gauges now provide a low-cost, loop-powered eight to 28 Vdc two wire four to 20 mA transmitter for a variety of applications. The transmitter is contained in an aluminum housing with 1/2” NPT wire access for easy access for field wiring. Accuracy is +/- 2 percent from 20 percent to 100 percent of full scale. Indicator accuracy is also +/- 2 percent full scale and is independent of the transmitter output. This design provides total separation of high and low pressures by a convoluted elastomer diaphragm. The units are available with pressure-containing elements of aluminum, brass, or 316 SS. Safe working pressure for aluminum and 316 SS is 3,000 PSIG, and for brass it’s 1,500 PSIG. Full over-range protection is provided to full safe working pressure. Differential-pressure ranges from zero to 20 in. H20 to zero to 100 PSID (zero to 50 mbar to zero to seven bar) Gauge fronts are reinforced, engineered plastics to eliminate corrosion.