ABB”s 364 pressure transmitter, a member of ABB’s 2600T family, features the company”s “Silver Bullet” design for pressure, differential-pressure, and flow applications in process and municipal markets. The 364 transmitter’s compact design increases reliability by minimizing parts. Its all-welded housing eliminates the need for seals — flanges, bolts, and gaskets — traditional paths for leaks. Slightly taller than a 12-oz soda can, the 364 has a rugged, corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel housing and process connection along with a Hastelloy C-276 diaphragm. Its base accuracy is 0.06 percent of the upper range limit (URL). Stability mantains errors below 0.15 percent URL over 10 years, reducing calibration frequency. An optional on-board two-inch LCD display is also available, enabling users to navigate through a self-explanatory menu similar to those found in today’s cell phones. Advanced capabilities add immediate value to a variety of applications. The units come with replaceable electronics, an auto-repairing database, a bidirectional flow totalizer, programmable alarm setpoint saturation limits, internal diagnostics, standard HART communications, and a square-root cutoff. A 4-kV 1.2/20 µsec surge protector is standard, as is a high performance EMI filter. The transmitters may be ordered to comply with several hazardous-area certifications, selectable by the end-user (e.g., FM, CSA, and ATEX). For more information and to download specifications, visit (search for “364”) or call (800) HELP-365.