NOSHOK’s 300 Series compact-sized pressure transducer is a good fit for use in general industrial applications where space is limited and durability is needed. The transducer provides dynamic or static measurement in applications including hydraulic and pneumatic systems, pumps and compressors, stamping and forming presses, test equipment and systems and industrial machinery and machine tools. The transducer’s stainless steel construction makes it compatible with chemically aggressive media, as well as resistant to shock and vibration. The sensor is welded directly to the process connection, eliminating the need for gaskets or seals while also increasing its resistance to mechanical stress. A variety of electrical and mechanical connections are available for installation into most applications along with most popular analog output signals. All electrical components provide EMC protection compliant with EN 61 326, which make the transducer a good fit for areas where RFI, EMI or ESD signals are present. Available in pressure ranges from 0 PSIG to 15 PSIG, and 0 PSIG to 10,000 PSIG, as well as standard absolute ranges from 15 PSIA to 200 PSIA.