Westfall Mfg. Co.”s 2300 Series Venturi flowmeters are made from corrosion-resistant epoxy vinyl ester fiberglass or stainless steel for insertion within a pipeline to measure the flowrate of various fluids at temperatures up to 350 F, depending upon the specific resin. Featuring no moving parts, the differential-producing Venturi tubes can be fabricated in sizes up 120 inches in diameter and provide at least +/- 0.75 percent accuracy. Capable of handling large flow volumes at low pressure drops, the flowmeters have a short laying length design with high accuracy and low permanent pressure loss, and they can be installed in large diameter pipelines between ANSI flanges. The flow conditioning within the inlet section allows for closer coupling with the upstream fittings. Flowmeters are priced according to size and configuration in sizes for piping from 3/4″ to 120 inches diameter.