Congratulations to the 2016 Innovation Awards honorees!


Photo courtesy of Vögtlin Instruments AG

Winner: Vögtlin Instruments AG – flow technology — compact 2

The 2016 generation of the red-y compact 2 series thermal mass flowmeters (MFM) offers a compact design, powered with either a single AA-battery, Micro-USB cable or 24Vdc supply. A large dot-matrix LED touch display, backlit if not battery-powered, enables the user to configure the device to specific needs through the touchscreen without having to connect a computer. Optionally, a manual needle valve can be built-in to make the meter a manual controller and an alarm module with three potential-free contacts and two input contacts offers a versatile instrument for many applications.

For the first time a thermal mass flow instrument is powered with a single AA-battery that will run for up to six months. The gas mass flowmeters can be used as a mobile calibration instrument or in any place where power supply is unavailable. The device offers high accuracy (1 percent) and dynamics (100-to-1), built-in totalizer, multiple gases, optional valve and alarm module.


Photo courtesy of Endress+Hauser

Honorable mention: Endress+Hauser — Micropilot FMR10/FMR20

The Micropilot FMR10/FMR20 non-contact radar device measures the level and open-channel flow measurement of liquids by emitting continuous microwave signals. The FMR10/FMR20 was developed specifically for the requirements of the water and wastewater industry as well as for applications in the utilities industry — in particular for measurement in small storage tanks, open basins, pump shafts or in duct systems.

The compact FMR10/FMR20 features Endress+Hauser’s direct-emitting radar chip, full hermetically sealed PVDF body, ingress protection class IP66,68/NEMA4x, 6P, and large variation for process connections. The device allows for remote commissioning and operation from a safe and convenient location via HART, or as an option, wirelessly via the SmartBlue Bluetooth app.

SmartBlue provides users with diagnostic and maintenance information including the envelope curves from the installed radar transmitter, increasing customer plant availability due to easy and fast access for commissioning. The SmartBlue app also provides status information of various devices at a glance with a live list allowing for efficient maintenance.


Photo courtesy of Sierra Instruments

Honorable mention: Sierra Instruments — InnovaMass 240i/241i iSeries

The InnovaMass 241i iSeries vortex flowmeter has been specifically designed for precise flow energy management to reduce costs and increase productivity in steam, compressed air, natural gas and water applications. The key innovation from traditional vortex meters packages Sierra’s Raptor II OS, which enables apps like Sierra’s FloPro and Dial-A-Fluid, and smart Interface Portal (SIP) software.

Flo Pro is used to improve point-velocity accuracy. Dial-A-Pipe and Dia l-A-Fluid are used to change fluids without loss of accuracy. qMix can be used to create custom mixtures. ValidCal Diagnostics and Meter Settings cancel noise and improve accuracy through onboard SIP to increase efficiency in the field.

Other key features include an insertion version for 2 inches (50.8 mm) or greater; inline to 8 inches (DN 200); Accuracy of up to 0.7 percent of reading; temperature to 392°F (200°C); pressure to 1500 psig (103 barg); volumetric or multivariable measurement of gases, liquids, and steam with a single pipe insertion point.


Photo Courtesy of Siemens Process Instrumentation

Honorable mention: Siemens Process Instrumentation — HydroRanger 200

The HydroRanger 200 is an ultrasonic controller for level measurement in a wide range of industrial applications including water and wastewater. It is a solution for inventory management, truck load-outs, open-channel monitoring, differential control and for monitoring and pumping for up to six pumps. Enhancements include faster commissioning with an improved HMI (Human Machine Interface) and graphical Quick Start Wizards that eliminate the need for manuals. The redesigned enclosure provides an isolated electronics compartment and removable terminal blocks for easy wiring.

The intuitive quick wizards and graphical display not only make setup easy to follow for level operation, but volume, flow and pump control functions have also been simplified.

The new offering is endowed with Sonic Intelligence, echo processing algorithms that provide reliable performance. The instrument automatically adapts to changing process conditions, thus ensuring a reliable level measurement even when returned or echo signal degradation occurs due to adverse conditions such as material agitation, acoustical or electrical noise.