iPod Drawing Winner:
Wayne Listkowski
Ohio Transmission & Pump

Wayne Listkowski is the winner of the random iPod drawing for this year’s Innovation Awards voters. Mr. Listkowski has been selling pumps for the last 20 years. During his fluid handling career he has used a variety of control and measurement tools to solve problems with pumps and process systems. Photo courtesy of Apple

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Flow Control magazine’s annual Product Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards program is designed to recognize industry’s most compelling advances in fluid handling technology, showcasing new product releases in the categories of fluid measurement, control, and containment. After announcing the final nominations for this year’s Innovation Awards program in the June issue, we asked you to vote for the technologies you believed the most worthy of recognition. And vote you did, more than 1,200 in all, giving us the highest vote total in the history of the Flow Control Innovation Awards. We thank all of you for supporting the Innovation Awards program. The following products are this year’s Innovation Awards winners, with some interesting voter comments on each of the winning technologies. We will feature case studies on the winning technologies in the October issue. If you have any questions about any of the technologies presented below or the Innovation Awards program in general, please contact Matt Migliore at matt@grandviewmedia.com.

Bios Definer 220 Primary Flowmeter
By Bios International

Bios International’s Definer 220 Primary Flowmeter features several unique design elements that make it portable and rugged, unlike other primary piston prover standards. For example: The internal components are supported by a shock-absorbing rubber support structure, while rubber side grips make the product rugged and easy to handle; Soft radiuses on the sides make for an easy handgrip; the internal valve and gas plumbing structure is an injection-molded polycarbonate component, executed as a single part that contains features for:
• A valve that closes during gas flow measurement;
• Gas flow passages from the inlet fittings to the measurement cylinder;
• Mounting features for two printed circuit boards; and
• Features that hold internal pressure and temp. sensors.

what the voters said:
I found the flow calibrator that we purchased from Bios International very impressive in terms of improved measurement uncertainty, simple operation, and high measurement speed. It does solve the low-flow calibration problem that we’ve struggled with for years. The 30-day evaluation opportunity is very unique. Customer service and technical support were always timely and helpful. My colleagues and myself are satisfied with the product and services.

Micro Motion Meter Verification
By Emerson Process Mgmt.,
Micro Motion Division

Emerson Process Mgmt., Micro Motion Division’s Meter Verification technology modernizes practices with on-demand, in-place assessment of the company’s ELITE Coriolis flowmeters (pictured here). The new Meter Verification technology compares the Coriolis meters mechanical and electrical properties against a baseline established at the factory prior to shipment. There’s no need to remove meters and no secondary references are required. Resulting data alerts operators to nonconformance of the Coriolis meter, typically caused by erosion, corrosion, or other changes impacting the measurement. The technology performs verification via Emerson’s AMS Suite predictive maintenance software or the meter’s local operator interface.

what the voters said:
Micro Motion’s Meter Verification is a step forward for flowmeters. Showing that a meter IS working is often more important than showing that it ISN’T.

Rosemount 3051S Advanced Diagnostics Flowmeter
By Emerson Process Mgmt., Rosemount Measurement Division

Emerson Process Mgmt., Rosemount Measurement Division’s 3051S Advanced Diagnostics Flowmeter provides Abnormal Situation Prevention (ASP) using the HART protocol. The new ASP diagnostics provide users with the capability to troubleshoot, detect, and prevent abnormal situations in DP flow applications. Patented Statistical Process Monitoring (SPM) technology provides an early warning of abnormal process or equipment conditions, such as plugged impulse lines, changes in fluid composition, or other events signaled by a change in the noise characteristics of the flow measurement.

what the voters said:
Being able to detect abnormal process conditions with a DP instrument is amazing! Emerson has set the bar really high with this innovation.

Proline Promass S Coriolis Flowmeter
By Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser’s Proline Promass S Coriolis Flowmeter combines the mechanical advantages of a single-tube design and the performance advantages of a curved-tube design. As a high-performance single-tube device, Promass S is capable of performing in high-value clean liquids, heavy solids-laden slurries, and precision-density applications. Promass S is a stainless steel, single-tube device that measures density and exhibits the zero-point stability of a dual-tube device. Characterized by its curved-tube design, the mechanical robustness of Promass S makes it an ideal fit for demanding applications that require flow accuracy, high density performance over a large temperature operating range, and the ability to recover to specified measuring performance after an in-situ cleaning processes.

what the voters said:
Endress+Hauser’s Promass S offers high accuracy with a single-tube design. The accuracy and zero-point stability of the Promass S is a great benefit. The zero-point stability is critical for maintaining accuracy over extended periods.

Signet 2552 Metal Magmeter
By GF Piping Systems

GF Piping Systems’ patented (U.S. Patent No. 7,055,396 BI) technology is the most innovative part of this design. The patent calls out a molding technique for manufacturing the two metal electrodes into the plastic nosepiece at a fixed distance. This allows manufacturing of a high-quality product in a repeatable manner. The patented manufacturing technique is responsible for the product’s outstanding performance characteristics, including reliable repeatability of +/-0.5 percent of reading at 25 C and superior linearity of +/-1 percent plus 0.01 m/s of reading. These characteristics mean excellent performance, even in extreme conditions of 77 F at 300 PSI. Because of this patented, reliable manufacturing technique, all sensors ship with a flow certificate stating that they have been tested in an NIST-traceable flow loop.

what the voters said:
The 2552 magmeter is very reliable and allowed hot-tap installation without system shutdown. In addition, the pcb is potted inside the sensor to avoid humidity. Hot-tap feature, ease-of-use, and minimal tooling to install.

E-Circulator TPE Pumps
By Grundfos Pumps Corporation

Grundfos Pumps Corporation’s E-Circulator TPE Pumps are compact variable-speed drive pumps applied throughout the entire spectrum of heating and air-conditioning systems and in the transfer of fluids used in industrial processes. The all-in-one pump and motor with integrated variable frequency drive (VFD) is exhaustively checked and tested prior to dispatch. The pumps are designed to plug in and pump, offering easy installation and quick startup. There are two options available with the Grundfos E-Circulator TPE — the Series 2000 and the Series 1000. The Series 2000 is pre-defined to continuously regulate pressure through a built-on sensor, eliminating the need for initial programming, making the installation process extremely easy and straightforward. The Series 1000 allows for any control method with various configurations. Examples include: temperature, differential temperature, differential pressure, pressure, level control, and PLC or building automated systems control.

In the past, an end-user purchased a VFD, mounted it on the wall or floor, connected the electrical components, and programmed the VFD. This process typically required consulting with a VFD representative to accomplish a trouble-free installation.

Grundfos TPE’s installation is user-friendly because the VFD comes with the pump and motor, and the combination is tested before leaving the factory. There are no additional services required for the installation.

what the voters said:
The integral VFD on an inline circulator pump is innovative, and all manufactured by one company. One-stop shopping! I think the Grundfos TPE unit will revolutionize the heating industry with such an innovative idea. The unit will be simple to install and operate for all owners with such an application.

Type 3731 Explosion-Proof Positioner
By Samson Controls, Inc.

Samson Controls’ Type 3731 Explosion-Proof Positioner comes in a very rugged enclosure. If an explosive atmosphere forms inside the enclosure and ignites for whatever reasons, the enclosure will not only withstand this explosion, it will also prevent the passage of flames to the explosive surroundings. The construction complies with standardized requirements concerning wall thickness, clearance widths, and lengths. The positioner features include intrinsic safety, low power consumption, and convenient configuration directly on-site or using bus communication. Just one rotary pushbutton is needed for startup, enabling the user to turn to select parameters and push to activate them. The shaft design of the rotary pushbutton through the housing is explosion-proof. The explosion-proof enclosure with separate terminal compartment allows direct cable entry or connection without spark barriers for cable conduit systems. A liquid crystal display shows all relevant data. The Type 3731 immediately recognizes any zero error or system deviation during operation and issues an alarm indicating a certain error code on the display. The positioner can easily be mounted to any manufacturer’s linear or rotary actuators with one of Samson’s collection of mounting kits. The data is never displayed upside down thanks to the display, which can be rotated by 180 degrees at the push of a button.

what the voters said:
Can easily mount to linear and rotary valves of all manufacture, which helps to standardize one type of positioner for the entire plant. All types of communications are possible, such as HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and PROFIBUS 7. Externally accessible rotary pushbutton helps to configure and parameterize positioner without any external devices, such as Handheld terminal, Notebook, etc.

Innova-Mass Model 241 Insertion Multiparameter Meter
By Sierra Instruments

Sierra Instruments’ Innova-Mass 241 Insertion Multiparameter Flowmeter is a unique solution for mass flow of gases and steam in large pipes. Innovative features include:
1. Patented low mass sensor and sophisticated digital signal processing (DSP).
2. Measures three process variables (velocity, temperature, and pressure – VTP) through one process connection.
3. Because VTP is directly measured, the Reynolds number can be dynamically calculated and the flow profile effects in large pipes calculated in real-time.
4. Even with all the above powerful abilities, the Innova-Mass is loop-powered, with power in, programmable four to 20 mA out, and a superimposed HART signal on the same two wires.

As with any measurement device, the accuracy and repeatability are important. Size and ease of installation also play a part. With vortex meters in particular, there are the added concerns of vibration sensitivity and low-flow performance. The Innova-Mass excels in all of these areas.

what the voters said:
The Innova-Mass meter by Sierra looks quite promising for practical uses. Simple and VTP of low mass provides accuracy of flow profile. Also, the ability to move the sensor up and down with the hand wheel makes the measurement quite easy.

SP200 Smart Positioner
By Spirax Sarco, Inc.

Spirax Sarco’s SP200 Electropneumatic Control Valve Positioner is engineered for efficient, reliable performance. With its simplified installation and commissioning, the SP200 can be up and running quickly with fewer parts to maintain and no mechanical contacts to wear out. Users will find the menu easy to use with numerous automatic controls and a large, alphanumeric display. Users will also benefit from the time saved by the programmable smart functions, including auto-calibration and adaptive valve control. Plus, the SP200 standard four to 20 mA retransmission and software travel switches provide low-cost valve position monitoring. The SP200 marks a new standard in ease of use with simpler installation and commissioning, adaptive valve control and smarter functions. Installation is drastically simplified by the absence of mechanical linkages between valve stem and positioner. With auto-calibration, the SP200 will automatically set itself up once an option is selected.

what the voters said:
I like the idea of the valve positioner being user-friendly and dummy-proof. Many of the positioner technologies out there today are far too complicated for the “average Joe” to program and calibrate.

MK978 (3”) Sanitary Control Valve
By Steriflow Valve, Richards Industries

Steriflow Valve’s MK978 Sanitary Control Valve offers increased pressure rating for continuous clean-steam use. The valve combines a specialized internal design with Steriflow’s proprietary Jorlon diaphragm to deliver the first diaphragm-sealed sanitary control that can operate continuously on 100 PSIG saturated steam. All other diaphragm-sealed sanitary control valves either limit the steam pressure to just above the sterilization pressures (~ 30 PSIG) or to intermittent (discontinuous) service. The MK978 enables users to sterilize at higher pressures and temperatures, thereby decreasing downtime between batches, improving sterilization “kill,” and increasing yield. The Jorlon diaphragm itself differs from all other steam diaphragm designs in that it is a single-ply membrane. Other designs utilize a two-ply EPDM (or Viton) backed PTFE configuration. The result is that, over time, the diaphragm layers separate, fail, and leak. The FDA/USP Class VI Jorlon material is single-ply and dramatically increases diaphragm life under full stroke, 100 PSIG steam conditions. Beyond the diaphragm configuration itself, the retention of the diaphragm between the upper and lower stem and the body and bonnet provides the robust support a diaphragm seal needs when under the alternating positive and negative pressures that are common in a sanitary systems.

what the voters said:
It’s hard to make a sanitary valve with the performance & reliability of an industrial valve. Other manufacturers’ sanitary control valves have been maintenance nightmares (mostly from failing diaphragms due to mechanical seating or steaming). This valve has already proven itself to offer the life of typical industrial control valves, while providing control performance second to none.

Digital Read Out (DRO) Flow Monitors

TURCK’s Digital Read Out (DRO) Flow Monitors may be programmed for either two discrete flow outputs, or a single discrete flow output with a temperature- monitoring option. The discrete/analog version allows the monitor to be programmed for either an analog and discrete flow output, or a single analog flow output with a discrete temperature monitoring option. DRO flow monitors allow the user to program setpoints specific to an application and can be programmed to perform in water or water/glycol. If sensing a water/glycol mix, the percentage of glycol can be programmed so the monitor automatically adjusts to each unique application without the need for factory or in-situ calibration. DRO flow monitors feature programmable on and off time-delay functions, and allow the user to define hysteresis for both the GPM and temperature setpoints. The DRO does not require a specialist for installation and/or to perform in situ parameterization. TURCK DRO monitors are designed for easy installation without the need for calibration. The monitors have an adjustable filter to smooth out erratic flow conditions, are able to monitor changes in flow between 0.2 GPM and 12 GPM, and have response time of less than one second.

what the voters said:
We use the TURCK FTCI models in our cooling supply to our lasers. We’ve never had protection before and often thought of a flow/no-flow solution, but our operators were never confident. Now that TURCK has come out with a DRO model, everyone is happy to have an indication representative to our flow and temperature. In the year since we implemented the DRO, we’ve had less service calls to replace laser sources in our equipment.

Extended Range Accelabar Flowmeter
By Veris, Inc.

Veris’s Extended Range Accelabar combines two flow measurement technologies in a single meter. Both elements of the meter (Verabar and Accelabar nozzle) are patented. The nozzle has a patented straight-run settling distance that accelerates, linearizes, and stabilizes the velocity profile. The Verabar, located within the nozzle, accurately measures and significantly increases the differential-pressure output to increase the operating range (turndown). In short, the combination of the two technologies produces higher accuracy over an extended turndown with no straight-run requirements. The Extended Range Accelabar is equipped with integral expanders or reducers, allowing the meter to adapt to future increases and decreases in flowrate. In addition, the new Accelabar can be supplied with a special mounting plate that allows two DP transmitters to be directly mounted to the meter, further increasing the rangeability. Veris’s Extended Range Accelabar, with integral reducers or expanders, can be sized for changes in future flow capacities. For example, a six-inch meter could be installed in a four-inch pipe without requiring the user to cut or modify the pipe.

what the voters said:
The idea of an extended-range flowmeter with no upstream or downstream straight-run requirement is a mind blower. It is a true innovation for a flowmeter to be able to use differential pressure to accurately measure flow with no straight-run requirements and a 65:1 turndown ratio. This is a truly outstanding technical development.