AccusonicTechnologies” Model 7700-7720 18-path flow measurement system meets ASMEPTC 18-2002 requirements and is the largest integratedreal-time flowmeter network system available with transit-timetechnology for hydroelectric and fossil power plant applications. The flowmeter is capable of measuring up to 10 paths from a singleconsole. It can also be networked into a flowmeter system with theModel 7700 Master Control Unit, connecting up to a total of 16flowmeters. Each flowmeter in the system can monitor four separatepipes and/or channels, providing an integrated flow measurement systemfor up to 64 separate flow measurement and monitoring sections. Measurablepipe/channel sizes range from eight inches (200 mm) to 500 feet (150 m).Utilizing multiple-path, chordal, transit-time technology, achievableaccuracy is +/- 0.5 percent in full pipes and +/- 2.0 percent in partially full pipesand channels (even in the presence of flow profile distortions andcross flow). A flexible offering of Accusonic transducers is availableincluding designs for hazardous area installations, exposed pipes ofall materials, buried or encased pipes, and pipes and channels thatcannot be dewatered.