Mobile Apps

SKF Enlight Moble AppVibration Sensor Mobile App

SKF Enlight combines a new mobile app, Data Collect, with a special Bluetooth-enabled vibration sensor, to allow non-expert staff to gather critical machinery data on a smartphone or tablet. In the event of a parameter warning or alert, the user can then request an “On Demand Diagnostic,” whereby the data is sent wirelessly to the SKF Remote Diagnostic Center (RDC) network for expert analysis and reporting.



water quality meter appWater Quality Meter Mobile App

Sensorex’s SAM-1 Smart Aqua Meter is now globally compatible with Android devices. Already used by Apple iPhone and iPad users for laboratory and field monitoring, the SAM-1 measures and records pH, ORP, Conductivity and temperature values. Android smartphone and tablet users (Android version 4.0 and newer) can now use this portable water quality meter for accurate analytical measurements in environmental, educational, and industrial applications.




Milton Roy SOLAROY AppSolar Metering Pump Mobile App

Milton Roy has a new a mobile app for the SOLAROY solar-powered metering pump. By entering location site, preferred flow and pressure, required days of autonomy, and required hours per day of operation, the app calculates the correct solar panel size and number of batteries needed to ensure the continuous operation of the pump in an independent mode. The app runs on Apple phones, iPads, Android, and Windows-based mobile phones.





safety apparel appSafety Apparel Selection Mobile App

DuPont Protection Technologies’ SafeSPEC Mobile is a mobile application that enables safety professionals to select chemical protective apparel from their smartphone. Users can search for appropriate chemical protective garments based on the specific hazard scenarios they input, yielding best match results in real time for the environment in which the products are suitable. SafeSPEC Mobile is free on the App Store and Google Play.





Online Resources & Tools

FSA EsimatorMechanical Seal Life Cycle Cost Estimator

This tool offered by the Fluid Sealing Association allows users to estimate lifecycle costs for sealing solutions on a comparative basis to assist in decision-making when specifying capital projects or upgrading existing rotating equipment technology. The Life Cycle Cost Estimator, now in version 4.1, is continuously refined and improved based on user feedback.



Armstrong InternationalSteam Loss Calculator

On average, plants without a regularly scheduled maintenance program experience failure in about 15-25 percent of their steam traps at any given time. When failed traps are ignored, hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of steam can be wasted. Armstrong International’s newly redesigned website offers a steam loss calculator that gives the cost of steam losses associated with a failed trap by entering inlet pressure, outlet pressure, orifice diameter, and application.


Badger Meter Valve Sizing SoftwareValve Sizing Software

Badger Meter’s new sizing software for Research Control Valves (RCV) adapts to the unique process requirements of a plant and guides specifiers through selecting the right control valve for a project. With more than 2,000 different media available and the ability to create customized media, plus automatic phase identification, RCVcalc enables users to graphically visualize their operation set points and review various trims and characteristics that are dynamically filtered based on their selections.



scadahacker.comICS Cybersecurity Resource Library has recently updated its Library of Resources for Industrial Control System Cybersecurity. The library contains a vast array of documents pertaining to ICS vulnerabilities, standards, best practices as well as white papers & articles, user guides & manuals, cheat sheets and links to other Web resources on industrial cybersecurity. The library is updated regularly.



New & Updated Websites

AUMA WebsiteValve Control Website

A website redesign launched by AUMA, a supplier of electric actuation technology, provides information about the company’s modular valve control products and services. Designed to offer an enhanced user experience, easy click-through links provide access to details of the company’s modular actuation technology, supporting services and information resources.


Motion Control Website

Hydrotech Inc., a fluid power and motion automation solutions provider, has revamped its website combining data from various manufacturer’s websites to provide information on 60,000 products and growing. Visitors can search by function, part number, model number, or brand. Product listings may include descriptions, specifications, photos, product collateral, and CAD files. Also available are industry case studies, videos, engineering tools and configurators.





Safe WeldingSafe Welding Portal

KEMPER GmbH, headquartered in Vreden, Westphalia, and manufacturer of extraction and filter systems for the metal processing industry, has launched a new information platform at, which focuses on the hazards that exist in welding and the ways to prevent them. The portal offers an overview of current law, studies, effective extraction and filter technology. 


Omega_Technical SharingTechnical Learning Webpage

OMEGA is sharing technical information with its customers through the new Technical Learning section on This section features articles and insights for various process situations. The educational material and application notes will address the latest trends, topics and technologies also leveraging the company’s expertise dealing with the daily challenges of process measurement and control.