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More than $11.9 billion in Chemical Processing Industry (CPI) projects are planned to kick off in 2013 in the U.S. Gulf Coast states, which include Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, according to a report by Industrial Info Resources. The number includes 174 capital projects valued at approximately $10.96 billion and 311 maintenance projects valued at $984 million. While there will be some project fallout, Industrial Info says the number represents a high amount of planned CPI project activity.??<br />
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Texas and Louisiana strongly lead the region in terms of the number and value of projects. Texas has approximately 250 CPI projects planned to kick off next year, with a total investment value (TIV) of $7.26 billion, while Louisiana is planning about 140 projects with a TIV of about $4.2 billion.??<br />
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Industrial Info says a couple of the larger projects planned to get under way involve the production of ethylene. Cheap, abundant ethane from shale plays has led to a scramble in the U.S. to increase ethylene capacity. <br />
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Industrial Info says ExxonMobil Chemical Company (Houston, Texas) is evaluating the construction of a 3 billion-ton-per-year ethylene unit at its plant in Baytown, Texas. The unit will use ethane as the primary feedstock. Upon approval, ExxonMobil could begin construction and installation of the unit in the second half of next year.??<br />
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Two ammonia projects planned in Louisiana represent more than $1 billion in construction starts for the state. Dyno Nobel Incorporated (Salt Lake City, Utah) is evaluating construction of an anhydrous ammonia plant on a brownfield site in Westwego, La., while CF Industries  (Deerfield, Ill.) is planning an ammonia unit addition in the state.<br />
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Industrial Info will be hosting a market outlook and networking event Nov. 7 at the White Oak Plantation in Baton Rouge, La. The event will focus on Chemical Processing Industry projects and trends, as well as other industrial trends in the U.S. and Canada, with special emphasis on the Gulf Coast region. Industries covered will include: <br />
•    Power Generation<br />
•    Oil & Gas<br />
•    Petroleum Refining<br />
•    Chemical Processing<br />
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