Spirax Sarco”sSpira-Trol general service control valve features a fully modulardesign engineered for refined performance and wide rangeability inapplications including food & beverage, pharmaceutical, rubber,plastics, metals, chemicals, and electronics manufacturing. The valveuses a low number of components, creating a highly flexible andmaintainable system where one valve can satisfy the needs ofnumerous industrial requirements. Both ANSI and EN versions share thesame internals, and only three pneumatic actuators are requiredfor valves up to four in. (100 mm) in size. There are many optionswithin this one body envelope, from low noise and low flowapplications, to high temperature and zero emission requirements. Thevalve incorporates self-aligning and clamp-in-place internals for easeof maintenance. Its hard trim materials and modular designdiffuses the discharge from the plug and seat, as well as reducesinternal flow velocities to minimize internal erosion. Thisensures long stem seal life, extends valve life, and reduces valvemaintenance. Standard offering includes cast iron, SG iron, carbonsteel, stainless steel or NACE construction; equal percentage, linearor fast-opening flow characteristic; 1/2- to four-in. (15- to 100-mm)sizes with standard or customer-defined center face dimensions;and ANSI, PN, JIS, KS, NPT, BSP, or SW connections. Additional valveoptions include electric, pneumatic, or modulating actuation; externalcontrol system interface; noncontact feedback positioners; low noise,soft seal, or hard facing trims; extended bonnets; PTFE chevronand graphite rings; and reduced flow characteristic.