Max Machinery”s newline of precision gear flowmeters operate at maximum flowrates of 45L/min and 105 L/min, respectively, with 0.3 percent of reading accuracyacross a 100-to-one flow range. All meters are calibrated with 30 cPfluid, but are compatible with fluid viscosities ranging from underfive cP up to 100,000 cP and beyond. Rugged stainless steel bodies aredesigned to operate at pressures as high as 6,000 PSI and operate in awide range of environments. The gear design has been optimized tominimize pressure drop and eliminate the high flowrate cavitation thatmany gear flowmeters exhibit. Max gear meters are a good fit forhydraulic testing, motion control, and precision dispensing, and theyare particularly well-suited to processes involving extremely viscousfluids such as adhesives and sealants. The line incorporates a newlydeveloped version of Max’s Model 294 high-resolution, linearizingtransmitter. The transmitter’s microprocessor circuitry automaticallyadjusts the output signal to improve the accuracy over the range offlow. In addition, it can be configured to a custom calibration factor,allowing each flowmeter to produce an identical output signal. Thisfeature is particularly valuable at sites where multiple flowmeters areinstalled. This product line is RoHS compliant and CE Certified.