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September 2014 | Vol. XX, No. 9


Stormwater Solutions

How green infrastructure is being leveraged to solve real-world challenges

While regulatory requirements continue to push municipalities to devise strategies for more effectively managing stormwater discharges, the rise in extreme weather events across the country is driving innovation in the area of stormwater handling and reuse.

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Industrial Cybersecurity—Where Do We Start?

Fundamental strategies for effectively securing your process systems

Not only are malicious cyber attacks against industry increasing rapidly, but their sophistication, pervasiveness, and overall sneakiness are adding to the challenge.

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Flow Research: Technology Improvements Create Opportunities for Many Flowmeter Types

A new Flow Research study shows the drive toward technology improvement is fostering new opportunities for many flowmeter suppliers.

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2014 Flow Control Innovation Awards Winners

Honoring the most innovative fluid handling technologies of the year

Flow Control is pleased to introduce its 2014 Innovation Award winners representing nine innovative technologies contributing to fluid movement, measurement and/or containment processes.

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With Invensys in Its Fold, Schneider Aims to Capitalize on New Market Opportunities

Now that the dust has settled on Schneider’s purchase of Invensys, a clearer picture is beginning to emerge on what the combined company will look like.

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PUMP GUY: Root Cause of Process Pump Vibrations Revealed

What are the mysterious, continuous, undetermined, recurring vibrations plaguing industrial process pumps? The answer is simple.

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QUIZ CORNER: Why Was a Control Valve Installed Upstream of a Flowmeter?

My initial gut reaction is that whoever designed the piping had little or no instrumentation background. Further, all of the instrumentation work performed in conjunction with the installation is suspect.

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GLOSSARY OF TERMS: Membrane Filtration

The terms for this word search were submitted by Eaton’s Filtration Division, a manufacturer of industrial filtration solutions.

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