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October 2014 | Vol. XX, No. 10


Part VIII: A Modified Control Strategy Eliminates Problematic Process Bubbles

A modified control strategy yields some positive results in the measurement we've been considering for the past several months.

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9 New Flow Control Technologies Make Their Mark In the Real World

Application stories highlight how the 2014 Flow Control Innovation Award winners are being employed to the benefit of real-world systems.
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How to Properly Mount Bearings

Best practices for maximizing the longevity and performance of your rotating equipment

In theory, the life of a rolling bearing can exceed the life of the machinery in which it performs. In real-world experience, however, bearing failures occur for a variety of reasons.

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The Importance of Dynamic Flowmeter Testing

Verifying the performance of liquid ultrasonic flowmeters for high-viscosity fluids

Liquid ultrasonic flowmeters are an optimal solution for hydrocarbon measurement and advances in electronics technology have enabled very high accuracies with the right dynamic testing.

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PUMP GUY: Revealing common assumptions about pumping systems efficiency

You wrote recently that the pump head is determined by the impeller diameter and speed. How can I use the impeller size and RPM to determine the head and probable performance curve?

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QUIZ CORNER: Affinity Laws for Centrifugal Pump Loads

Using the Affinity Laws, what is the approximate flow and pressure generated when a variable speed drive operates the pump motor at 70 percent speed?

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GLOSSARY OF TERMS: Valve Diagnostics

The terms for this glossary were provided by Valtorc International, a U.S. supplier of industrial valves and actuators.

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