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Flow Control December 2014 Issue Cover

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December 2014 | Vol. XX, No. 12


Energy and Large-Pipe Applications Drive Coriolis Technology to New Heights

Like other flowmeter categories, growth in the energy markets, especially in oil and gas, is creating opportunities for Coriolis flowmeters. Coriolis flowmeters remain the most accurate flowmeter made, and both accuracy and reliability are critically important for measuring the flow of crude oil and petroleum liquids.

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Differential Pressure Maintains a Powerful Place in the World of Flow Measurement

DP flowmeters have a huge advantage in installed base, and end-users are in many cases staying with DP flow technology.

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Magmeters Top the Flowmeter Market In Revenue

Revenue from magnetic flowmeters exceeds revenue from all other flowmeter types, including Coriolis, positive-displacement (PD), turbine, and differential pressure (DP) meters.

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PD Flowmeters Poised to Gain from Oil & Gas Application Opportunities

While the surge in oil and gas exploration has been a boon for a number of flowmeter types, including ultrasonic and turbine, positive-displacement (PD) flowmeters have benefited more from the downstream end of the business.

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Emissions Monitoring Applications Propel Thermal Flowmeter Market

Emissions monitoring applications that measure greenhouse gas present opportunities for thermal flowmeters, which are mainly used to measure gas flow.

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Turbine Flowmeters Remain Competitive in Turbulent Market

Continued product improvements and a large installed base are helping the turbine flowmeter market hold its own in a turbulent market.

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Custody-Transfer Applications Drive Ultrasonic Flowmeter Growth

Growth in the energy markets is a major factor driving growth in the ultrasonic flowmeter market.

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Vortex Flowmeters Prove Their Worth In Steam Flow Measurement

Vortex flowmeters offer accurate and reliable flow measurement at a competitive price. Even though vortex meters are not as accurate as Coriolis meters, they offer accuracy readings of better than 1 percent, depending on fluid and application.

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