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4 Flow Measurement Trends to Watch in 2015

As another year comes to an end and we present our annual Flowmeter Technology Report, I’d like to call your attention to four trends that call my attention for 2015.

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4 Key Process Automation Trends Gleaned from Rockwell Automation Fair 2014

Our colleague Kevin Parker at Processing magazine attended the annual Rockwell Automation Fair, Nov. 9-10, in Anaheim, Calif. He returned to the office with some interesting things to say.

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NIST 'Combs' the Atmosphere to Measure Greenhouse Gases

By remotely "combing" the atmosphere with a custom laser-based instrument, researchers from NIST and NOAA, have developed a new technique that can accurately measure amounts of several of the major "greenhouse" gases implicated in climate change.

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LNG Surges on Energy Demands in Asia-Pacific

LNG is a rapidly growing factor in the race to meet the energy needs in the Asia-Pacific region.

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6 Online Valve Resources You Need to Know About

The following highlights six online resources to assist end-users in the effective application of valve technologies.

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5 Simple Steps to Reduce Hydraulic Hose Failure

Find out how to prevent three common causes of a hydraulic hose failure: site damage, wear and tear, and contaminated oil in the hydraulic system.

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Milwaukee-Based Incubator Brews Up Innovations With an Eye On Global Water Challenges

The Water Council has joined forces with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to establish a global, but local, freshwater seed accelerator program called The BREW (Business, Research, and Entrepreneurship In Wisconsin).
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How Hydraulic Fracturing Is Influencing the Price of Oil

The fluctuation in oil prices today has all the drama of a James Bond spy movie and a chess match and more—the difference is that this is the real world.

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Movers & Shakers: Fluid Handling Appointments, Awards & Business Briefs for November 2014

A digest of November 2014 business news & notes from around the fluid handling industry.

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EDITOR'S FILE: 5 Flow Control Things You Need to Know About

The following is the first installment in what will be a new monthly blog series called the "Editor's File." My goal with this series is to highlight a handful of noteworthy items from the month that was.

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