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How Counterfeit Bearings Make It to Market

As counterfeit bearings continue to flood the marketplace, end-users and machine builders should be wary of the consequences of employing fake technology. Fortunately, solutions are emerging to help differentiate real bearings from fakes.

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Conventional Lobe Pump Gets Reinvented

100-year-old design flaw remedied with first-to-market rework
Lobe pumps have been a staple in materials transport for more than 100 years, but they have one major design flaw ... pulsating flow.
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System Integrators Position to Take on Tech Challenges of the Future

Last month, I spent a couple of days at the Control System Integrators Association’s Executive Conference in Washington D.C. During my time at the event, it was clear the system integrator community is a growing and dynamic group, eager to take on the challenges end-users face in filling the technical skills gap left as experienced engineers continue to retire at record rates

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EDITOR'S FILE: 4 Flow Things You Need to Know

Perspectives from the month that was in the world of Flow Control ... Premium content program offers proven troubleshooting strategies for pump cavitation; Rheonik buys back Coriolis flowmeter line from GE; Cybersecurity program provides use cases for the energy sector; and MCAA conference sees record attendance.

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