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Articles by Larry Bachus

Pump Guy: Variable Operating Costs

The Pump Guy explains why you must learn to tell your story in kilowatts and dollars to make the case for pumping systems efficiency improvement initiatives.

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PUMP GUY: Revealing common assumptions about pumping systems efficiency

You wrote recently that the pump head is determined by the impeller diameter and speed. How can I use the impeller size and RPM to determine the head and probable performance curve?

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PUMP GUY: Root Cause of Process Pump Vibrations Revealed

What are the mysterious, continuous, undetermined, recurring vibrations plaguing industrial process pumps? The answer is simple.

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The difference between ‘Head’ and ‘Pressure’ in pumping systems

I have a question after reading your previous article in Flow Control (“Rocket Science,” July 2014, page 40). Can you explain further how the head will not be affected by changing the liquid handled?

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PUMP GUY: Rocket Science

Proper pump operation isn’t that hard, if you have the right tools
The instrumentation technician is a better friend to the pump reliability engineer than the vibration analyzer or the CMMS program. I’ve written these words before in more than one “Pump Guy” article, but rarely does the instrumentation tech know the influence he exercises.
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PUMP GUY: Why We’ve Hit a Dead End in Automating Pumping Systems

Process pumps need instrumentation. When the velocity, flow, and pressure are not what they should be, the alteration stresses the pump. This is the reason I’ve said before that the instrumentation technician is a better friend to the Pump Reliability Engineer than the vibration analyzer or the CMMS program.

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PUMP GUY MAILBAG: Minimum Acceptable Flow for Effective Pump Operation

Larry, Please enlighten me. For a constant speed centrifugal process pump, what is the minimum stable acceptable flow for safe operation?
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PUMP GUY: Life Is Good (Or Is It?)

Challenging pumps to match the pace of change in the modern era

If an automatic dish washing machine will take a load of dirty dishes, apply the soap, heat the water, scrub and wash the dishes while grinding and flushing the crumbs, rinse and dry the dishes, then why can’t today’s pump industry design a product that will allow a petroleum company to automate the refining process?

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PUMP GUY: Calculus Gymnastics

Are universities adequately preparing student engineers for jobs in fluid handling?

Too many universities are graduating mechanical engineers who can’t build a skateboard and don’t know what happens inside the engine of a car. It’s a problem I observe in many parts of the world.

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PUMP GUY MAILBAG: Lessons Learned

What industrial reliability teams can learn from their counterparts in safety

Some reliability and vibration programs are approaching 20 years in existence. Most are doing well. But a few programs are stuck on first base. So, at what point do the faltering programs go off-track and lose focus?

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