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Articles by Larry Bachus


The difference between ‘Head’ and ‘Pressure’ in pumping systems

I have a question after reading your previous article in Flow Control (“Rocket Science,” July 2014, page 40). Can you explain further how the head will not be affected by changing the liquid handled?

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PUMP GUY: Rocket Science

Proper pump operation isn’t that hard, if you have the right tools
The instrumentation technician is a better friend to the pump reliability engineer than the vibration analyzer or the CMMS program. I’ve written these words before in more than one “Pump Guy” article, but rarely does the instrumentation tech know the influence he exercises.
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PUMP GUY: Life Is Good (Or Is It?)

Challenging pumps to match the pace of change in the modern era

If an automatic dish washing machine will take a load of dirty dishes, apply the soap, heat the water, scrub and wash the dishes while grinding and flushing the crumbs, rinse and dry the dishes, then why can’t today’s pump industry design a product that will allow a petroleum company to automate the refining process?

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